E-SMOG-SHIELD reduces harmful micro-electromagnetic fields.

It is manufactured of special, very fine stainless steel, by means of a precision surface treatment tool, with artificial resin decorative coating and self-adhesive back plate.

Mode of action:

In both technologies, devices are filled up with the ingredients (gold bronze scales, effective regenerative microorganisms, MCL61 MUMETALL alloy) in the proper ratio and the required amount under laboratory conditions. According to research results, these ingredients are able to absorb a particular range of the existing low frequency (LF) magnetic fields and electric fields and high frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields, thus reducing their level to a given value

Point of installation:

E-SMOG SHIELD /phone/ Stick it on the back plate of mobile phones.

The product was certified by Andrológiai Stúdium Egészségügyi Kutató és Szolgáltató Kft. (12/A Zsolna u. Budapest, Hungary) led by Dr. Edit Erdei PhD, Head of Research. The certification includes the detailed specifications and manufacturing technology of the protective device and the verification of the mode of action. Children under 6 years of age are not allowed to use E-SMOG SHIELD.

Net price in HUF

VAT 27%

Bruttó ár

11,000 2,970