Should you be interested, SpaceHarmony-System Kft. will be glad to provide you with consultation on prevention. The reason why our services are efficient is that our complex radiation protection technology is considered a premium quality prevention solution. If our building protection system helps people in establishing a permanent link with a living space of positive energy, we provide a basis at cell level for the optimisation of membrane potential which essentially results in the maximum permeability of cell membranes. These days, this is the basic condition for any preventive action. In our civilised world, we will be able to return to the harmony of Earth’s original electromagnetic control. This is the only way our cells will be able to tolerate and process the harmful effects of civilisation.

It has been scientifically proven that the water balance of those living in buildings protected against radiations by SpaceHarmony-System improves. There is no chance for the accumulation of poisonous substances! This is why applying SpaceHarmony radiation protection is a premium quality prevention action.